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Controller Sensor Probe, 20' Corded Climate Detector

Controller Sensor Probe, 20' Corded Climate Detector

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  • A corded sensor designed for use with AC Infinity universal controllers in HVAC and grow applications.
  • Engineered with Swiss-made thermal-alloy probe heads offering precise temperature and humidity measurements.
  • Adapts to rapid climate fluctuations using SAE grade-316 steel to provide up-to-the-minute readings.
  • Long-lasting IP-44 build protects against interference resulting from splashing water and dust.
  • 20 ft. length for spot detection coverage in grow tents, HVAC ductwork, tool sheds and AV closets.


A smart sensor probe designed to detect temperature and humidity conditions for AC Infinity universal controllers. Using a Swiss-made thermal-alloy head, the climate sensor uses type 316 SAE steel that can adapt to rapidly changing climate conditions. This allows it to provide pinpoint accurate temperature and humidity readings and enables you to quickly adjust your fan to your cooling or heating needs. The corded probe has an IP-44 rating, able to withstand humid conditions by resisting splashing water and dust. Comes in 20 feet in length for spot detection coverage applications such as grow tents, HVAC ductwork, tool sheds, and AV component closets.


This digital sensor probe is used in part with AC Infinity controllers for many HVAC and indoor growing applications. Its 3.5mm insertion plug is compatible with universal controllers including Controller 67 and 69

   Product Identification
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    Controller Sensor Probe 20'
   Product Model    AC-SPB20
   UPC Code    819137021488
   Product Dimensions
   Total Length    20 ft. (6.09 cm)
   Plug Size    3.5 mm
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Material    SAE Grade Steel Type 316
   Probe    Thermal-Alloy
   Waterproof    IP-44

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